One by One Deutschland

Navigating the minefield of Edith Stein's life

A new Catholic theater company promotes dialogue between Christians and Jews

Margot Patterson in: National Catholic Reporter, 2.7.2004


The interfaith panel convened to discuss the issues raised by the play included Lokos; Holocaust survivor Carola Domar; Zella Brown, the daughter of Holocaust survivors; and Marga Dieter, a German woman who along with Brown is active in One by One, a nonprofit group that brings together in dialogue descendants of survivors of the Holocaust and descendants of its perpetrators.

The discussion ranged from the fear, ignorance and suspicion Christians and Jews sometimes have of each other, to the personal experiences of Holocaust survivors and their descendents, to the guilt felt by many Germans over the Holocaust regardless of whether they were born when it occurred.


Brown said she had been fortunate to take part in One by One, which has gone on to work with other polarized groups in addition to those affected by the Holocaust.


Dieter recalled her first trip to America as a young woman in 1961. She was invited to dinner where another guest, hearing she was German, abruptly left the party, asking how could his host invite a German to be at the same dinner with him. Even today, young Germans feel ashamed of their nationality because of the Holocaust, Dieter said.

Carola Domar spoke out vigorously against this. “I feel it’s up to my generation to deal with the guilt. I have disputes with younger people and tell them it’s not their fault.

“I have some very good friends who were Nazis. Of course we acknowledge they are not the same people now that they were,” Domar said.

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